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At Motor City K9 Solutions LLC, you are the teacher and your dog is the student.

We equip you with the tools you need to teach your dog desirable behaviors. There is NO BAD DOG just uneducated owners! Our goal is to help educate dog owners on how to communicate better with their canines. Our training programs are customized to meet your dog’s training goals based on your individual needs. Whether you have a puppy, rescue dog, aggressive dog, or an overly energetic dog we will help you achieve your dog training goals.

The Team

Steve Liggens

CEO | Head Trainer

Steve Liggens is the founder, owner, dog trainer and canine behavior specialist. He was born in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up he always had dogs and wanted to become a veterinarian. In 2002 he started his canine career by taking a internship at a local training facility in Detroit. He is very passionate about his work and has the natural ability to identify drive, temperament, and disposition in any breed. He loves teaching owners how to properly communicate with their canine family and believes there is no bad dog just bad communication. His favorite quote is “A dog shouldn’t complicate your life, a dog should compliment your life!” He has studied under some of the best in his industry and makes it a point to continue attending seminars and workshops. Steve is also a active member in a dog sport called schutzhund (IPO) where he is a certified helper and handler. Schutzhund means protection dog. This sport test the dogs ability to perform in three phases obedience, tracking, and protection. He owns 1 doberman, 2 German shepherds, and 1 dutch shepherd.

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Vincent Mitchell


Vincent is 1 of the head dog trainers at Motor City K9 Solutions. He has over 16 years of pet care experience, professionally and personally. He is very passionate about enriching a dogs life by changing the outlook of how people see certain dog breeds. His goal is to make sure that a dog is not only trained as a pet but becomes part of the family. Training, socializing, exercise and mental stimulation are all key components in maintaining a healthy and happy dog, which is why we created services to meet these specific needs. Vincent specialize in both on leash and off leash training. He has spent numerous hours researching, attending workshops and shadowing other trainers, along with working hands on with dogs for the last 16 years in an effort to understand our pets and obtain tools to communicate and modify behavioral issues. It is so rewarding for him be able to help a dog achieve a well balanced state and become a great canine citizen in the community.

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